Thursday, January 26, 2012

Хотите перебраться в Амстердам?

По просьбе организаторов. Стартапы в Амстердам. Осталось еще 4 дня для подачи заявки в Startup Accelerator: 100 дней в Амстердаме и 25 дней в Калифорнии. Кстати, организаторы обещают ускоренное рассмотрение заявок (интервью по Skype). Если интересно - поторопитесь, времени осталось немного (до 31 января).

The Rockstart Accelerator startup hub is based in Amsterdam, accelerates 10 teams of founders with 99 mentors for 100 days and an additional three-month summer program that culminates with a 25-day Silicon Valley road trip.

The new lineup of mentors features some of the most respected people in the Lean startup field today including:

Patrick Vlaskovits – Entrepreneur and author of The Entrepreneur’s Guide to
Customer Development: A Cheat Sheet to the Four Steps to the Epiphany
Salim Virani – Entrepreneur and co-founder Leancamp
Ash Maurya – Founder of Spark59 and author of Running Lean and one of the
founders of the worldwide Lean movement.
Robbert van Geldrop, Co-founder and CTO BackupAgent and founder Lean Startup
Circle Netherlands

Accelerated startups indicate they would greatly benefit from continued support after Demo Day, as this is when most other accelerator programs abruptly end. It’s this particular moment where startups have to deal with complex things like investor negotiations, valuation, intellectual property, and at the same time continue to grow their startup.

That is why Rockstart Accelerator offers an extended 3-month Summer program including 25-days of co-working in the U.S. The 10 startups relocate to Silicon Valley and will be introduced to investors, experts, and media in their field.


During the 100-day Spring program startups develop and grow their startup in Amsterdam, ending with a Demo Day where they get a chance to pitch in front of over 200 European investors, VIP’s and the press.

The promise in short: 10 high potential startups, 99 mentors, 100 day program including an additional 3-month summer program, 25-days business trip in the U.S., up to €15.000 euro’s in funding, 6-months office space in downtown Amsterdam.

The Rockstart Accelerator Program 2012 is for startups from the whole of Europe. Teams from Tallinn to Paris and Madrid, from Hamburg to Belgrad and Istanbul are welcome to apply. The program aims to prepare startups for international expansion and growth funding of between €100K and €1M euros, and starts on March 22, 2012. The Rockstart Accelerator Program is now open for applications and closes on January 31, 2012.

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