Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Близость заменяет географию

In this paper, we propose the replacement of widely used models of geo-information systems with a new conception based on network proximity. Geo-information systems have attracted great attention and demonstrated big progress in recent times, especially for mobile services. We can point out many objective reasons for this. On the one hand, users require services, mainly at their location, and on the other hand, location determination has become easy, especially due to the proliferation of smartphones. But at the same time, the actual geo-calculation are not needed by most of these services. For the majority of geo-services, geo-coordinates are used only for searching and organizing data. And the meaning of the service is to search for information tied to the current location of the requesting party. In other words, in most cases, service refers to data near the current location. So, our idea is to build services directly on assessing to proximity and completely bypass geo-calculations. It also opens the way for completely new services that were impossible or difficult to implement with geo-computations. From On proximity versus geo-information systems

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