Tuesday, October 29, 2019


Non-technical signs:

You hate using the mouse (it’s true) and your keyboard makes louder noise than a guitar (it’s also true).
You don’t try to hide from your manager
You are not scared on your team members reviewing your code.
You know which links to click to find out the right answer after a Google search.
Within 30 sec you can tell which StackOverflow answer will not fix your issue.
You don’t worry about work all nights or all weekends.
You love your laptop more than your life-partner

Technical related signs:

In the technical meetings you often say- This will not work. Or there are better ways to solve this.
Most of the time, you can understand the logic by looking at anyone’s code.
You often can propose a better way to solve a problem.
You know every shortcut keys of everything you use. Sometimes you spend hours to set up your custom shortcut keys
You already know the breaking changes coming with the next version of the framework you are using.
People include you in meetings that you have no idea but they want to get your feedback on their architectural design.
You are not afraid to try out a newly released framework currently in beta.


You are comfortable more than one programming language. You could be very good at one and decent in another
You are good at recursive function, dynamic programming, algorithm, design patterns, and tricky problems
You are aware of security, encryption, performance, unit tests, etc.
You have full-stack knowledge (dev ops, CI/CD, front-end, back-end, microservice, NoSQL, graphql, etc.) even though you might focus on one area.
You can propose a brand new framework name without blinking your eyes

You are Extreme:

Your everyday clothes are free conference t-shirt
Free meetup pizza is your favorite food.
Reading technical doc is your favorite way to learn other than watching videos or blogs.
Your manager doesn’t argue with you about your time estimation.
You can confidently say- “This won’t scale” even though you are not sure what you are talking about
You have your own open-source project that no-one else forks.
Finally, you have less than 3 friends outside of your work.


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